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Julien Bam is one of the first big german Youtube stars and still a big player in the scene. Julien's work is characterized by his creativity and perfectionism, a lot of production time goes into his videos and you can see that in the high quality.

Over 5,700,000 subscribers on his main Youtube channel, 4,4 million fans on Instagram and also as a streaming newcomer already almost 400,000 followers!

We were very excited being approached for a custom project by Julien and wanted to get to work as soon as possible. Julien had a very clear vision on his custom work, especially due to his very creative skills and yet was very open to let our designers influence the work and outcome.

What's Included

Fully Animated Starting und Ending Screen

Customized Webcam Overlays

X individuals panels

Customized Overlays

Customized Transition

Start/End Screen

Julien already had 2 static images. The challenge here was that these images were unfortunately only available as PNG's and not as Photoshop files with layers, so we had to rework everything especially to create depth and animations.

We completely overhauled these images and customized them according to his specific wishes and added animations, his color scheme, his logo as well as his name in Mandarin and other details, you can look at it over and over again and find more exciting things especially if you look at the ending screen which is short and has a full animation of flower petals slowly falling and then quickly picking up and covering the screen.


Individualized stream panels which all have a purple frame in the style of his overlays, but each of these frames has its own wear pattern and is therefore unique, just like Julien is.

Twitch Overlays

Twitch Overlays

Julien knew very well what he wanted, after we found his style and colors, these overlays were created for him according to his wishes in flashy cyberpunk style but with only subtle animations.

Julien likes to be flexible with his scenes, so he didn't want any prefabricated frames that restrict his creativity.

So we built him flexible animated webcam frames and to show his Top Donation, Sub Gifter and Last Donation he got them in 3 blocks:

Twitch Transition

To match his overall package, we also created a cyberpunk transition animation according to his wishes with inclusion of his standby button which turned out amazing and just made a lot of sense with everything else combined.

The Conclusion

Working with Julien was pure joy, we loved his creative mindset and approach and also that he knew very well what he wanted. We’ve created something to be proud of and are lucky to call Julien customer and partner.

Quote Julien: "It was super relaxed to work with the OWN3D team. The guys caught my ideas and made them more awesome. I extremely celebrate the end result and I'm excited to see what else we will do in the future".