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From July 16 to July 19, 2020, Knossi and Sido embarked on "Fishing Camp 2020." From astronaut food to self-catering to toileting in the wild - the participants of the fishing camp had a lot to go through. The OWN3D team created the official logo, stream designs and designs positioned on the deck chairs and other elements on site at the fishing camp for the unique live event.

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Steyr, June 2020 - The "Angelcamp 2020" was a complete success. Hundreds of thousands watched Sido, Knossi & Co on their fishing trip. In addition to the two main actors mentioned above, Manny Marc (Die Atzen), UnsympathischTV, Joshinator, Claudia Darga, Fritz Meinecke, Gia & Jay and Guse were permanent guests. In addition, viewers were able to watch other top-class surprise guests such as Pietro Lombardi, Montana Black and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf in the Angelcamp. For 72 hours, the joint weekend at a lake near Brandenburg an der Havel was broadcast live on the streaming platform Twitch.

For those who missed Angelcamp 2020, it could be described as a good mix between Big Brother and Dschungelcamp rolled into one. Quizzes, challenges of a special kind, raffles as well as surprise guests constantly lightened the mood and the stream. A special challenge during the entire camp: the candidates had to cater for themselves for the entire duration. While Knossi announced that he could survive the 72 hours with astronaut food and berries, Sido hired the fishing trainer Joshinator in advance. But self-sufficiency was not the only thing on the agenda. The participants - celebrities or not - did not have a toilet with their usual privacy at their disposal, but only the great outdoors. The favor of the viewers also decided whether the respective candidates would sleep in a luxury tent, caravan or under the open sky.

New viewer record among German streams

For the streaming event of the year, Knossi and Co. spent a six-figure sum to put this monumental show together. A team of 40 people was on site in multiple shifts for the entire three days, so no moment was missed and the cameras were always focused on the contestants.

The stream of the camping trip set a new record among German streamers with more than 300,000 viewers on Saturday night of the camp. During the event, special fishing camp event tickets could be collected on and a fishing camp scrapbook could be purchased.



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