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The new platform allows streamers to create their own card sets after registration. Fans and viewers can collect these cards by watching streams.

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Posted at 2019-12-10T00:00:00.000000Z UTC

Steyr, December 2019 - launched the new collectible card streaming platform in December 2019. Streamers can register and compile their own set of cards, which can then be collected by fans. Collecting cards is done through a barter system: watch your favorite streamer, collect Stream Energy and trade it for cards.

Streamheroes works on all devices, whether PC, tablet, smart TV, Android or iOS. As long as users are logged in with their Twitch account, the platform is always available. Another special feature about Streamheroes: It is 100% free for streamers and viewers. In the future, Streamheroes will offer not only digital cards, but also physical trading cards, as well as a marketplace and monetization option for streamers. OWN3D has also been monitoring the development of the NFT (non fungible token) market for some time and is preparing itself and the new platform to be able to offer cards as NFTs as well.

Easy way to create cards as a streamer

Streamers who would like to create their own card set can use the free Card Builder. The only requirement to create your own card set: There must be partner status on Twitch. Streamers who are Twitch partners with an average of 200 concurrent viewers or more can also sign up for a partnership. In special cases, special image cards will be offered to them.



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