OWN3D receives one million investment and bundles all business areas under StreamTV


Simultaneously with the renaming to StreamTV Media GmbH, all services of the Upper Austrian scale-up will be organized under the new umbrella brand. StreamTV's 1.5 million customers come from 130 countries all around the globe!

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Posted at 2021-11-16T00:00:00.000000Z UTC

Steyr, November 16, 2021 - Since the launch of OWN3D media GmbH in 2018 by Thomas Rafelsberger, Lukas Hoffmann and Andreas Hanne as well as the Business Angels Frank Kappe and Gerhard Pail, the company, which develops and markets services for streamers, has grown rapidly. Since then, around 1.5 million people have used the services, previously known under the name OWN3D. In the field of stream designs, the Upper Austrian scale-up is already one of the global market leaders.

Although the young company is profitable, further measures have now been taken to grow even faster. The Steyr-based company has been renamed StreamTV Media and has received a funding round in the amount of one million euros from the existing investors Gerhard Pail and Frank Kappe of KaPa Ventures.

"In order to organize our four, to some extent very different, business areas, we have decided to bundle all activities under the umbrella brand StreamTV with immediate effect. We may be an Austrian company, but we think and act globally", emphasizes Tom Rafelsberger, CEO of StreamTV.

The ambitions are high. After all, the company's self-imposed goal is to play a significant role in shaping and developing the international streaming scene.

StreamTV has a portfolio of four business units under its umbrella:

OWN3D.TV: The platform contains a variety of digital products for gamers and live streamers. These include stream designs, animations, sounds, graphics, avatars and logos. OWN3D.TV is one of the global market leaders in its field.

OWN3D.PRO: With this premium offer, StreamTV not only offers digital products via its own webshop and partner integrations, but also, for the first time, its own streaming software as an integration in OBS Studio. The plugin allows streamers to add useful features to OBS Studio such as 1-click stream design installation, Twitch Alerts, Twitch Chatbot features and Stream Labels.

OWN3D Academy: With the OWN3D Academy, StreamTV is developing a free platform which can be used by interested people to learn more about streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok in order to become even more successful. The platform is currently in the development phase. It will go live by the end of 2021.

STREAMHEROES.GG: This service allows streamers to create their own card sets. Fans and viewers have the opportunity to collect them. Since April 2021 the trading cards have also been available in physical form. Clients for these unique decks include the organizers of the biggest German-language live streams such as the “ANGELCAMP” with rapper Sido and entertainer Knossi.

Company and team on course for growth

In the future StreamTV will not only invest heavily in product development, but also in expanding its decentralized team. "We are working on the implementation of many new ideas. This not only requires the necessary financial strength, which we have secured through the financing round we just closed, but also a team that pulls together. With the growing number of projects, we need many new, hand-picked employees who identify with our portfolio and our community," explains Rafelsberger.

Behind the company are gamers who know about the users’ needs and develop products according to their needs. At StreamTV, the tech-savvy team works almost 100 percent remotely. Of course, there is also the possibility to work in the offices in Austria and Germany. "Thanks to our decentralized organizations, we work with the best minds at home and abroad. That´s why globally active companies can arise anywhere today. Also and especially in Austria. We want to and will take advantage of this opportunity to open up the global market from Steyr with the StreamTV brand," Rafelsberger sums up.


The Steyr-based company was founded in 2018 under the name OWN3D media GmbH to help streamers, viewers and brands grow within the live streaming ecosystem. StreamTV Media GmbH is a leading provider of digital products and services to engage streamers, viewers and brands in the live streaming space. OWN3D.TV offers high-quality stream designs and is the global market leader in its field. OWN3D.PRO provides streaming and broadcasting tools that offer solutions for novice and professional streamers. With STREAMHEROES.GG, the company expands its product range with a streamer loyalty and monetization program that offers digital and physical trading cards for streamers, games, teams and communities. The team consists of experts in gaming, streaming and media. STREAM.TV serves customers from over 130 countries.



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