OWN3D.TV Acquires Premium Domain STREAM.TV for Worldwide Expansion


OWN3D Media GmbH Invests in Premium Domain STREAM.TV after Two Years of Negotiations.

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Posted at 2021-01-10T00:00:00.000000Z UTC

Steyr, January 2021 - OWN3D Media GmbH is on course for growth. Thus, in January 2021, after two years of negotiations, it acquired the domain STREAM.TV for a six-figure sum. The purchase of the domain is part of the global expansion strategy of the Upper Austrian gaming startup OWN3D. OWN3D started in 2018 with a single webshop and now comprises more than eight projects in the streaming sector and will unite them under the "STREAM.TV" umbrella in the future. In addition to the existing projects, the trio of managing directors would like to add further offerings to the range with STREAM.TV. The goal is to offer "a top product in every relevant area of live streaming for vloggers, viewers, brands and e-sports teams under one name," explains Thomas Rafelsberger, CEO of OWN3D.

As part of the expansion, STREAM.TV not only wants to expand their product range, but also offer it in multiple languages. Currently, the different products are available in five languages (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French). This offering is to be expanded to a total of twelve languages (Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean). Streamers and viewers can look forward to more exciting news and expansions with STREAM.TV starting March 2021.



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