OWN3D Launches Free Music Service OWN3D Music


With OWN3D Music, OWN3D.TV offers a free service for copyright-free, free tracks.

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Posted at 2020-11-10T00:00:00.000000Z UTC

Steyr, November 2020 - With the newly launched OWN3D Music service, OWN3D.TV aims to make online life easier for streamers. The newly launched, free service currently offers users a selection of 200 different free songs. Players can use the songs as background music for their streams without risking a "DMCA Strike" (Digital Millennium Copyright Act violation). To ensure that neither the streamer nor the viewers are bored, the streaming service provider constantly offers new tracks. The special feature here is that all songs are permanently free of charge.

Twitch cracks down on copyright infringements

The main reason for the introduction of the new service is that streaming with music is popular among many streamers. However, a large number of streamers suffer from having to pay meticulous attention to possible copyright infringements when using music - even if it is only playing in the background. Not every song can be used on Twitch. In June 2019, the platform announced that streams and VODs (video on demand) that contain unlicensed music will be deleted and the account of the corresponding streamer will be blocked after three warnings. This caused increasing concern among the community.

OWN3D Music is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music platforms.



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